Along the way around Lake Tisleifjorden at Furuset. In the background, Skogshorn can be seen.
  • Along the way around Lake Tisleifjorden at Furuset. In the background, Skogshorn can be seen.
  • At the Langstølen kiosk you can buy a cup of coffee, waffles and ice cream on your cycling trip aound Lake Tisleifjorden.
  • Tislea is a formidable fly fishing river. North of Langestølen, the cycling route around Lake Tislefjorden passes right by the river.
  • Most of the cycling around Lake Tisleifjorden is on firm gravel roads with little car traffic.
  • Along the southern shore of Lake Tisleifjorden you will find nice spots for a picknick.
  • Map of the cycling tour "Tisleifjorden rundt".

Tisleifjorden rundt cycling route

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Tisleifjorden rundt cycling route

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2923 Tisleidalen

Tel: (+47) 61 35 94 10


Oset Høyfjellshotell, Gol

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