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The Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula) is a typical species of  the low alpine plateau Stølsvidda in Valdres.
  • The Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula) is a typical species of  the low alpine plateau Stølsvidda in Valdres.
  • During late winter/spring Black Grouse (Lyrurus tetrix) start lekking. On Stølsvidda they can be observed right from the car.
  • This Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus) was photographed close to Valtjernstølen on the Stølsvidda plateau.
  • Lekking Black Grouse on a patch of land near Langstølen, with the mountain plateau of Golsfjellet in teh background.
  • Sunrise over Skogshorn, seen from along the Tisleivegen road near Furuset.
  • Along the road from Furuset to Langestølen on a crisp morning in March. Skogshorn and the Hemsedal mountains are lying in the background, lit by the m
  • The Capercaillie (Tetrao urugallus) is a typical bird of the deep forests. In Valdres you may observe the species in the area of Tisleidalen/Stølsvidd
  • The White-throated Dipper (Cinclus cinclus) is the National Bird of Norway. It can be found in many rivers and streams in the mountains and stays here
  • Common kestrels (Falco tinnunculus) often can been found hunting over Stølsvidda near Brattåsen.
  • The Velvet Scoter (Melanitta fusca) tends to breen in small numbers in Valdres. Two places it can be found are the small lakes south of Gauklie on the

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2918 Ulnes

Tel: (+47) 61 35 94 10


Bjørkestølen Helårscamping, Nord-Aurdal

Vasetdansen Camping, Nord-Aurdal

Merket, Nord-Aurdal

Hovda Fjellhotell, Nord-Aurdal

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