Nøsakampen and its reflection seen from Helin in a kayak before sunrise. Morning mist lies over the water surface, and the mountains are autumn-colour
  • Nøsakampen and its reflection seen from Helin in a kayak before sunrise. Morning mist lies over the water surface, and the mountains are autumn-colour
  • A farm road leads to the idyllic mountain farm area of Strø, with lakes and mountains in the background.
  • A small mountain lake at the tree line with mountains rising behind. A beautiful day, clear slies and crips autumn air.
  • Four persons sit in the grass and enjoy a wild landscape with lakes and steep mountain sides.
  • View during the ascent to Nøsakampen into a broad valley with many lakes.
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  • A woman stands next to the summit cairn and looks out to distant mountains.
  • Autumn in the mountains. A cup full of blueberries and a freshly caught trout hanging on a birch branch. A lake and a mountain in the background.
  • Map of the hiking route to Nøsakampen

Nøsakampen 1449 masl

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Nøsakampen 1449 masl



  • 3 hours


  • medium

Nature and terrain

  • mountain
  • total ascent - 550 m


  • august
  • july
  • june
  • september


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2973 Ryfoss

Tel: (+47) 61 35 94 10

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